wwe legend beat the s**t out of his friend in a real-life fight

The Legend Beat His Friend In A Real Life Fight

Scott Hall Was Involved In A Fight With Another Wrestler

Nash And Hall Were Partners In Wwe And They Were Friends In Real Life Too

One Incident That Nash Recently Shared Was Of An Angry Scott Hall Beating The Living St Out Of Fellow Wwe Star Marty Jannetty

The Incident Happened After The Former Rockers Member Jannetty Trashed A Hotel Room And Scott Hall Was Sent Home And Had To Pay A Hefty Fine

The Exnwo Member Decided To Take His Anger Out On The Former Intercontinental Champion While He Was Asleep

Marty Jannetty Said That While Scott Hall Was Beating Up Him, He Was In An Unconscious State

Hall Was Confronted By Hall Of Famer Harley Race For Beating Up A Talent Right Before The Show And Asked To Wait Till The Show To Finish If He Wants To Do Things Like These Again

Scott Hall, Also Known As Razor Ramon, Passed Away On March 14 This Year After Suffering Multiple Heart Attacks

Wwe Superstars Arrested And Suspended From Nxt After Brawl Police And Security Were Also Involved