Us Big Statement On Death Of Alexander Dugin'S Daughter Daria Dugin!

We Expressed Regret Over The Death Of Alexander Dugins Daughter, But Why?Alexander Dugin Is Said To Be Close To The President Of Russia And His Mastermind Is Also Called Putins Brain

Alexander Dugins Daughter Was Murdered When They Went Home From The Conference In Separate Cars

Alexander Dugin Replaced His Car Before The Blast

Dugina Died After The Car She Was In Was Blown Up By An Explosion

Alexander Had A Massive Heart Attack After The Incident And Is Currently In The Hospital

The Attack Was Done By Targeting Alexander But His Daughter Came Under It

The Murder Of Alexander Dugins Daughter Was Accused By Russia

It Has Been Said That America Strongly Condemns The Killing Of Any Civilian

Putin Blamed Ukranian For The Attack And Said That It Had No Hand In It