Triple H Returns, Finally Solves Bray Wyatt- White Rabbit Theory

The Brush Stroke Triple H Returns Solved The Bray Wyatt White Rabbit Theory

The Season Premiere Episode Of The Blue Brand Featured A Brief Appearance By Triple H

Fans Noticed That There Was A Code On The Microphone That Triple H Was Using

The Fans Were Directed To A Video Where One Of The Characters From The Show Three Little Pigs Is Seen With The Words Let Me In Playing In The Background

This Is The First Direct Link To Bray Wyatt That The Wwe Has Given To Its Fans, And It Was His Slogan During His Run As The Fiend His Puppet Huskus The Pig Was Also Seen In The Video

A Rabbit Is Seen Jumping Into An X Sign Which Looks Similar To The Extreme Rules Logo In A Live Tv Video Put Out By The Wwe

The Video Ended After Showing The Words Tomorrow Night Which Led To Speculation That The White Rabbit Will Be Revealed On Saturday Night

A Person Dressed As A White Rabbit Was Roaming Through The Fans, But It'S Not Clear If This Was Done By The Wwe Or Not

The Rumors And Clues Are Pointing Towards A Bray Wyatt Return At Extreme Rules And We Now Have The Pressure Of Giving What The Fans Want After Weeks Of Teases

According To Dave Meltzer Of The Wrestling Observer, We Are Planning To Book A Match Between A Former World Champion And A Current One