Triple H Rejected Ronda Rousey'S Idea Due To Aew Controversy

Ronda Rouseys Idea Was Rejected Due To A Controversy

Her Extreme Rules Match Pitch Was Rejected Due To Its Similarity To Aew

The Legend Said That She Pitched The Idea To The Creative To Use Legos

The Idea Was Turned Down Because The Rival Promotion Used Legos In The Past

They Didn'T Want To Seem Like They Were Copying Something

She Said That She Suggested Legos But That They Didn'T Want People To Think We Were Copying

The Tony Khans Company Has Always Fired Shots Against The Billion Dollar Company

The Smackdown Women'S Championship Will Feature An Extreme Rules Match Between Ronda Rousey And Liv Morgan

Rousey Is The Favourite To Win The Extreme Rules Match And Take Back Her Title

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