Triple H Has Changed After Promotion But Aj Styles Is Not Worried

After Promotion, Brush Stroke Triple H Has Changed, But Aj Styles Are Not Worried

Aj Styles Is Considered To Be One Of The Greatest Professional Wrestlers Of All Time By Wrestling Fans, As He Is One Of The Most Experienced And Respected Stars In The Wwe

The Former Wwe Champion Talked To Inside The Ropes About Life Under The New Boss Triple H And How Different It Was From The Vince Era

When He Was In Charge, He Tried Not To Overwhelm Vince But Whenever He Needed A Definite Answer, He Could Approach Him

He Said That He Had A Chat With Triple H And Everything Is Understood, But It Feels Different When That One Person Who You Used To Work Under Is No Longer There

He Needs To Find Time To Talk To The New Head Of Creative As He Is Not Easily Accessible As He Used To Be, But It Is Not A Major Issue

Since Triple H Took Over, Superstars And Fans Have Been Excited As He Brought In Several Positive Changes And Styles

Styles Has Been Absent From The Two Premium Live Events That Happened Under Triple H And He Will Miss The Upcoming Extreme Rules As Well As He Is Not Announced To Be Part Of The Card

The Judgement Day On Whether Styles Will Join The Dark Group Is Something To Wait And See, As The Phenomenal One Is Currently Feuding With His Former Friend

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