Tiktok Users Claim They Saw Jeffrey Dahmer In Stranger Things – New York Post

Tiktok Users Claim To Have Seen Jeffrey Dahmer

Social Media Conspiracy Theorists Claimed To Spot Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer In A Scene From The Latest Season Of "Stranger Things"

The Show'S Creators Are Known To Pepper The Show With Nostalgic 80S Easter Eggs

Six Years Before The Fictional Events Of The Show, Dahmer Graduated From High School

There Has Been An Increase In Interest In The Case Of The Milwaukee Monster, Who Murdered 17 People Between 1978 And 1991 And Became Notorious For Consuming His Victims' Body Parts

Some Of The Serial Killer'S Victims Felt Like Watching The Show Made Them Relive Their Trauma

This Optical Illusion Has A Hidden Word