Spoiler Alert: Roman Reigns Faces Former World Champion Next

According To Dave Meltzer Of The Wrestling Observer, Wwe Are Going To Book A Match Between Tyson And Roman Reigns Soon

Tyson Fury Is A Twotime Boxing Champ And He Made His Wwe Debut In 2019

He Interrupted Austin Theorys Money In The Bank By Knocking Him Out At The Castle Event

After Reigns Successfully Retained The Title Against Drew Mcintyre Fury, Reigns Shared A Brief Moment Inside The Ring To Close The Uk Premium Live Event

Fans Started Speculating After The Stareoff Between The Two Megastars And A Lot Of People Expected Them To Do A Match

After His Last Match, Fury Received Mixed Responses From The Fans As Some People Did Not Like His Match Against The Monster

Most Of The Fans Think That Wwe Should Give These Spots To Active Members Of The Roster Because Of The Rumour That The Match Might Happen At The Royal Rumble Event

On Thursday, Triple H Paid Respect To Bruno Sammartino, One Of The Greatest World Champions Of All Time