Roman Reigns Leaks Details About His New Wwe Contract

There Are Leaks About His New Contract

We Know That Roman Reigns Has Signed A New Contract With Wwe, Which Means We Won'T Get To Reigns As Much As We Used To

Roman Reigns Is One Of The Privileged Ones On The Wwe Roster, As It Was Reported That He Signed A Brock Lesnar Like Contract

Roman Reigns Talked About His New Contract With The Sports Illustrated Media Show

We Are Not Going To Be On Every Single Payperview But We Will Be On All The Major Ones And A Couple Of The Other Ones

As Revealed By The Reigns, The Tribal Chief Will Only Be A Part Of Major Wwe Ppv And Some Other

The Ppvs Will Be Around The Big 4 Royal Rumble Wrestlemania Survivor Series And Summerslam

He Will Be Part Of Wwe Events In Saudi Arabia Which Is Crown Jewel And Will Also Be An Integral Part Of Wwe Shows To Maintain Coherent Stories

Do You Think He Has Reached The Point Where He Can Enjoy Such A Luxury As A Wwe Superstar?Roman Reigns Teases A New Member To The Bloodline On The Aug 20 Episode Of Smackdown, He Also Opens Up On His Complaints With Usos Slide Up