Melinda Gates: “I Just Couldn’T Stay In That Marriage” – New York Post

I Couldn'T Stay In That Marriage

The Divorce From Bill Gates Was Unbelievably Painful For Melinda French Gates

The Odd Thing About Covid Is That It Gave Me The Privacy To Do What I Needed To Do

It Is Unbelievably Painful But I Had The Privacy To Get Through It

Melinda And Bill 66 Were Married In 1994 And Had Three Children Together, Who Were Always My Main Concern During The Separation

The Bill Melinda Gates Foundation Was Founded In 2000 By The Former Couple And They Still Run It Together

I Kept Working With The Person I Was Moving Away From And I Needed To Be My Best Self Every Single Day

Even Though I Might Be Crying At 9 Am And Have To Be On A Video Conference With Someone Else, I Have To Show Up And Be My Best

It Reminded Me That The Foundation Calls Me To Be My Best When I Learned As A Leader That I Could Do It

In 2021, It Was Revealed That Bill Had A Lengthy Affair With A Microsoft Employee In 2000 And That He Asked Out Several Women In The Office While He Was Married, Though It Is Unclear How Much French Gates Knew About This Behavior At The Time

Talulah Riley Is An Ex Wife Of Elon Musk

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