Meghan Markle Did Oral Sex Scene On ‘90210’ After ‘Deal Or No Deal’ – New York Post

The Actress Did An Oral Sex Scene On The Show

She Didn'T Seem To Have Any Reservations About Doing A Raunchy Scene On "90210"Two Years After Meghan Markle Left Her Gig She Made A Reappearance As Wendy In "Beverly Hills 90210" Performing Oral Sex In A Car

Markle Is Being Called A Hypocrite For Leaving One Gig For Another

Despite Wanting A Career That Didn'T Objectify Women Years Earlier, Markle Booked The Role Even Though She Was Hesitant To Reenact The Oral Sex Scene

Markle Quit "Deal Or No Deal" In 2006 Because She Didn'T Like Being Objectified By Sucking In Her Stomach And Wearing Fake Lashes And Hair Extensions

According To A Former Castmate Of Markle, Producers Focused On Showcasing The Models With The Most Outgoing And Fun Personality And That Nobody Was Treated Like Bimbos

The Models Hit Back At Markle'S Claims

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