S.D. Gov. Kristi Noem Could Possibly Have

The South Dakota Ethics Board Said On Monday That There Was Enough Evidence To Suggest That The Governor May Have Engaged In Wrongdoing

According To The Ethics Board, She Interfered In The Daughters Application For An Appraisal License

The Case Concerning Her Use Of Her State Aircraft Was Referred To The Attorney General Of The State

Three Retired Judges Decided That Appropriate Action Could Be Taken Against Noem

The Decision Could Be Made To Determine Her Involvement In The Appraisal Of Her Daughter'S License

The Impact Of The Investigation Against The South Dakota Governor Could Be Increased By The Ethics Boards Moves

The Republican Governor Will Be Reelected This Year And She Wants To Become The White House

She Is Under Scrutiny By The Board

The Board Of Directors Filed Complaints About The Conduct Of Noems During Her Time In Office