Jerome Powell'S 8-Minute Speech Erases $78 Billion!

Rome Powell Delivered His Speech At The Feds Annual Policy Forum In Jackson Holethe Us Central Bank Will Continue To Raise Interest Rates, According To Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell

The Recent Rally In Us Stocks Was Seen As A Reaction To Jerome Powells Speech

The Speech Reduced The Wealth Of America'S Richest People To 78 Billion

The Tesla Boss Had 55 Billion Erased From His Wealth

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index Shows That Jeff Bezos Lost The Most

Bill Gates Declined From His Wealth

Afterrome Powells Speech Erased 27 Billion From Warren Buffett'S Wealth

Sergey Brin Was Knocked Below 100 Billion After This Speech By Jerome Powell

The Alphabet And Microsoft Were Among Its Biggest Components