“I’M Not Gonna Cry”- Wwe Superstar’S Personal Life Is “Pretty Brutal”

I'M Not Gonna Cry, My Personal Life Is Pretty Brutal

Matt Riddle Talked About His Personal Life In A Recent Interview

He Had To Go Through A Divorce As His Ex Wife Officially Announced That The Divorce Had Been Finalized

Since That Incident, The Former Raw Tag Team Champion Has Been Going Through A Difficult Phase In His Life

He Told The Graves That He Is Separated From His Kids And That It Hurts The Most

He Said That He Is Very Happy With How His Life Is Going As He Is One Of The Top Stars In The Company

His Run With Randy Orton As The Tag Team Rkbro Was One Of The Hottest Acts In Pro Wrestling In Recent Times

Riddle Being Seperated From His Wife And Kids Was Brought Up In Recent Promos

A Fight Pit Match Between Rollins And Riddle Is Scheduled To Take Place With Mma Legend Daniel Cormier As The Special Referee

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