Eating Dinner At 5 P.M. May Be Healthier – New York Post

Eating Dinner At 5 Pm May Be A Healthier Way To Eat

A New Study By Researchers At Boston'S Brigham And Women'S Hospital Suggests That Eating Earlier In The Day Might Be Better For Us, And That Eating All Meals Within A 10 Hour Window Could Also Be Healthier

The Time Of Day We Eat Affects Our Hunger And Appetite Energy Levels And How The Body Stores Fat, According To Research Published In Cell Metabolism

The Study Asked If The Time That We Eat Mattered When Everything Else Was Consistent

16 Overweight People Were Asked To Eat The Same Meals On Two Different Schedules, One Earlier In The Day And The Other Four Hours Later In The Day

In The Two To Three Weeks Leading Up To The Study, Participants Had To Maintain A Strict Sleeping And Wakeup Schedule And Follow The Same Diet And Meal Schedules

The Results Show That Late Eating Increased Hunger Decreased Energy Expenditure Burned Calories At A Slower Rate And Altered The Adipose Tissue Gene Expression Which Promotes Fat Growth

Eating Later More Than Doubled The Likelihood Of Increased Hunger And Produced Lower Levels Of The Hormone Leptin, Which Is Produced When We Are Full

According To The Study, Eating Four Hours Later Makes A Significant Difference For Our Hunger Levels And How We Burn Calories

This Study Shows How And Why Eating Later Might Increase A Person'S Risk Of Being Obese

The Researchers Hope To Eventually Expand The Study To Take Into Account Other Variables That Might Be Present When Not In A Controlled Setting

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