‘Dirty Dancing’ Actress Claims Weinstein Masturbated On Her Breasts – New York Post

The Actress Claims That Weinstein Masturbated On Her Breasts

An Actress Claimed That Harvey Weinstein Masturbated On Her Face While His Assistant Waited Outside A Hotel Room

The Woman Referred To In Court As "Ashley M" Cried And Sobbed As She Testified How The Disgraced Hollywood Movie Mogul Picked Her Out Of The Cast Of Dancers Filming In Puerto Rico In 2003 And Demanded That She Give Him A "Naked Massage"The Person Who Worked On The Sequel Was A Trained Ballerina Who Was 22 Years Old At The Time

She Said Weinstein Took Her Outside For A Private Conversation As She Was About To Film A Ballroom Scene With Other Dancers

He Said It Would Be A Naked Massage

He Said To Look At Gwyneth Paltrow And What She Did For Her Career

She Testified On Tuesday That When She Told A Producer And A Choreographer What Had Happened, They Didn'T Do Anything

She Said Weinstein Became Very Aggressive And Told Her To Get Into The Limo With Him

After The Short Ride, Weinstein Became Aggressive And Pushed Her Onto The Bed At The Hotel

He Said It Was Not Like We Were Having Sex

I Remember Thinking To Myself, "What Do I Do?" I Knew He Was Big And I Didn'T Know What To Do

When She Got Dressed, She Stood Outside Holding A Clipboard And The Limo Took Them Back To The "Havana Nights" Set

She Immediately Called Her Mom And Thenfiancé, But She Was Too Ashamed To Tell Them

The Law Allows The Prosecution To Question Witnesses To "Prior Bad Acts" In Sexual Assault Cases To Show A Defendant'S Pattern Of Behavior Which Could Show Their Intent

An Attacker Broke Into Nancy Pelosi'S Home And Attacked Her Husband

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