Chris Cuomo’S Newsnation Debut Is A Ratings Flop – New York Post

Chris Cuomo'S Newsnation Debut Is A Ratings Flop

Chris Cuomo Was In Last Place Against The Competition When He Returned To Cable News

According To Figures Released By Nielsen Media Researchnewsnation, The Premiere Of His New Show On Newsnation Pulled In Just 147000 Total Viewers

Cuomo, Who Is Being Paid Just 1 Million A Year By The New Network, A Fraction Of His Compensation At Cnn, Did Poorly In The 25 To 54 Year Old Age Demographic Most Coveted By Advertisers, Drawing Just 8000 Viewers

Newsmax And Hln Beat Cuomo In The 2554 Demographic

The 7 Pm Hour That Preceded His Show On Newsnation Had A Smaller Audience Than The 2554 Demographic

The Post Reached Out To The Parent Company Of Newsnation

After A Nearly Yearlong Hiatus, Cuomo Returned To Prime Time Cable Television

I Watched The Super Bowl Performance Of Megyn Kelly

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