As Ken Jeong Discovers Milkshakes Identity In 90S Night

The Concealed Vocalist Is Back With A Unique Sunday Episode Where 90S Night Sends Ken Jeong Into Outrageous Sureness About A Character

In A Way, Jeong Views The Themed Evening In A Serious Way By Divulging His Speculation For What Milkshakes Identity Is, And Not The Other Authorities Thought Process

I Believe This Is A Hipjump Craftsman Who Can Rap The Appointed Authority Prior To Making His Last Forecast

I Think This Could Be Cool, Since The Crowd Thinks The Rock The Ringers Artist Could Be Behind Could Be Behind The Pink Milkshake Ensemble

The Speculation Took Note Of The Fact That He Didn'T Hear Milkshake Licking His In The Middle Of Hidden Therein

Enny Mccarthy Wahlberg Is Somewhat More Responsive To The Speculation And Concedes That Jeong Could Be Correct, However She Focuses On Another Complex Component That Sends Her Mind Somewhere Else

When I Heard Jazz, I Wondered If It Was Similar To Dj Energetic Jeff