After All, Hyper Has Officially Recalled Its Stackable (And Overheating) Gan Chargers

A 130W Battery Pack Is Included In The Gan Chargers Of 100W And 65W

The Hyperjuice 130W Usbc Battery Pack Has Been Registered With The Us Consumer Product Safety Commission

The Smoke And Property Damage Were Caused By The Overheated Battery Pack

Between October 2020 And August 2022 Hyper Sold Over 18200 Stackable Gan Chargers In North America And Over 13800 Battery Packs

The Company'S Ceo Denied That The Products Had Been Pulled From Sale Due To A Defect

The 100W Model Has An Extra Usba Port While The 65W Model Has Two

A Maximum Combined Charging Power Of 1600W Can Be Achieved With A Total Of 16 Bricks