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Computer Fundamental Quiz

Computer Fundamental Quiz In English Part 2 – स्टूडेंट ! हम आपके लिये कंप्यूटर फंडामेंटल quiz लेकर आये है जिसे आप यहाँ से तैयार कर सकते है जो की आपके computer एग्जाम के लिये बहुत ही important है | आप क्वेश्चन को पढ़े फिर निचे शो आंसर का आप्शन पर क्लिक कर के अपना टेस्ट देकर अपना परफॉरमेंस चेक कर सकते है |

Q. Which of the following is the product of data processing?

(a) Information
(b) Data
(c) Software Program
(d) System

Ans. Information

Q. Which one is not an input device?

(a) Keyboard
(b) Mouse
(c) Speaker
(d) Scanner

Ans. Speaker

Q. DNS in internet technology stands for

(a) Distributed Name System
(b) Data Name System
(c) Dynamic Name System
(d) Domain Name System

Ans. Domain Name System

इस क्विज को खेले – Basic Computer Fundamental Quiz in English

Q. Portable program means?

(a) Independent from its authors
(b) Independent of platform
(c) Program with wheels
(d) None of the above

Ans. Independent of platform

Q. Memories which can be read only are called____

(a) RAM
(b) ROM
(c) DRAM
(d) Vertual Memory

Ans. ROM

Q. CPU controls__

(a) All Input, Output and processing.
(b) Controls Memory
(c) Controlled by the input data
(d) None of the above

Ans. All Input, Output and processing.

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Q. USB stands for_____ ?

(a) Universal Serial Bus
(b) Universal Sequential Bus
(c) Unique Serial Bus
(d) Unique Sequential Bus

Ans. Universal Serial Bus

Q. ALU stands for____ ?

(a) Arithmetic Legal Unit
(b) Arithmetic Logic Unit
(c) Arithmetic Local Unit
(d) Arithmetic Logic Utility

Ans. Arithmetic Logic Unit

Q. CPU stands for_____ ?

(a) Central Performance Unit
(b) Control Processing Unit
(c) Common Processing Unit
(d) Central Processing Unit

Ans. Central Processing Unit

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Q. Which of the following holds the ROM, RAM, CPU?

(a) Hard Disk
(b) ALU
(c) Mother Board
(d) None of the above

Ans. Mother Board

Q. A technique used by codes to convert an analog signal into a digital bit stream is known as

(a) Digital Signal Generator
(b) Pulse Code Modulation
(c) Pulse Signal Modulation
(d) None of these

Ans. Pulse Code Modulation

Q. An optical input device that interprets pencil marks on paper media is

(a) Magnetic tape
(b) Optical scanners
(c) Punch card reader
(d) O.M.R

Ans. O.M.R

Q. A program that converts computer data into some code system other than the normal one is known as

(a) Emulator
(b) Encoder
(c) Decoder
(d) Trigger

Ans. Encoder

इस क्विज को खेले – Computer one liner gk question Answer in Hindi

Q. What does DRAM stand for?

(a) Data Random Access Memory
(b) Data Random Active Memory
(c) Dynamic Random Access Memory
(d) Double Random Access Memory

Ans. Dynamic Random Access Memory

Q. What is Cache RAM?

(a) Extra memory used for overflow from your Hard Disk
(b) A place to store secret information like passwords
(c) Its the same as your Hard Disk Drive
(d) Fast memory used for data that is accessed often

Ans. Fast memory used for data that is accessed often

Q. What technology of memory is Cache RAM usually?

(a) DRAM
(b) Flash
(c) SRAM


Q. Where is computer’s BIOS stored?

(a) DRAM
(b) Flash

Ans. Flash

Q. Where does your PC store your programs when the power is off?

(a) DRAM
(b) Cache
(c) ROM
(d) Hard Disk Drive

Ans. Hard Disk Drive

Q. What is PCI(Peripheral Component Interconnect)?

(a) A type of monitor
(b) Atype of system bus
(c) A kind of graphics
(d) modem standard

Ans. Atype of system bus

Q. Which company is not a microprocessor manufacturer?

(a) IBM
(b) AMD(Advanced Micro Devices)
(c) Microsoft
(d) Intel

Ans. Microsoft

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