MS Word Online Test 2022, MS Word Mock Test, MS Word Quiz

MS Word Online Test 2022, MS Word Mock Test, MS Word Quiz

MS Word Test Online in English 2022 – सभी कंप्यूटर कोर्स में MS Office के अंतर्गत MS Word को पढाया ही जाता हैं क्योकि MS Word का उपयोग अधिकतर कामो के लिए किया जाता हैं. साथ ही साथ ms word से जुडी प्रश्नोत्तर कंप्यूटर की कई परीक्षाओ में दिया जाता हैं. तो चलिए आज के इस पोस्ट में हम आपको ms word test online in english 2022 क्विज के जरिये देने जा रहें हैं जिसके जरिये आप अपने MS Word की जानकारी व ज्ञान का आंकलन कर सकते हैं.

 MS Word Quiz in Hindi-

Q. MS word is software of

(a) Apple
(b) Android
(c) Google
(d) Microsoft

Ans. Microsoft

Q. Which is the word processing software?

(a) Avast
(b) MS Word 2007
(c) Google Chrome
(d) Mozilla Firefox

Ans. MS Word 2007

Q. MS Word is software.

(a) Web browser
(b) Word processing
(c) Operating system
(d) Antivirus

Ans. Word processing

Q. The valid format of MS Word is

(a) .exe
(b) .doc
(c) .png
(d) .jpeg

Ans. .doc

Q. What program is used in MS-Word to check the spelling?

(a) Research
(b) Word Count
(c) Set language
(d) Spelling & Grammar

Ans. Spelling & Grammar

Q. To show the font dialog box press

(a) Ctrl+ P
(b) Ctrl+D
(c) Ctrl+ B
(d) Ctrl+ Q

Ans. Ctrl+D

Q. A word gets selected by clicking it

(a) Once
(b) Twice
(c) Three times
(d) Four times

Ans. Twice

Q. A___identifies a location or a selection of text that you name and identify for future reference.

(a) Footer
(b) Bookmark
(c) Header
(d) Page number

Ans. Bookmark

Q. Which option is not available in Microsoft office button?

(a) Bold
(b) New
(c) Save
(d) Open

Ans. A Bold

Q. ____is the change the way text warps around the selected object.

(a) Text wrapping
(b) Indent
(c) Clipart
(d) Line spacing

Ans. Text wrapping

Q. In the _____ we can change the view of the document and set the zoom option.

(a) Home panel
(b) View option toolbar
(c) Ribbon
(d) Title bar

Ans. View option toolbar

Q. The center the selected text, the shortcut key is

(a) Ctrl + C
(b) Ctrl + E
(c) Ctrl + U
(d) Ctrl + O

Ans. Ctrl + E

Q. tab, in the To view paragraph marks, clicks on the paragraph group, click Show/Hide.

(a) View
(b) Home
(c) Page layout
(d) References

Ans. Home

Q. What should be done to change the word from †Kiil†TM to –Killâ€TM?

(a) Add
(b) Typeover
(c) Insert
(d) None of these

Ans. Typeover

Q. A major step before taking print of the document is

(a) To save the document
(b) To set paper setting
(c) To see print preview of the document
(d) Both b and c

Ans. Both b and c

Q. Which file are contents readymade styles that can be used for a word document?

(a) Presentation
(b) Letters
(c) Magic wands
(d) Templates

Ans. Templates

Q. To delete the selected text press

(a) Ctrl
(b) Alt
(c) Home
(d) Delete

Ans. Delete

Q. Which of the following to justification align the text on both the sides-left and right of margin?

(a) Balanced
(b) Right
(c) Justify
(d) Balanced

Ans. AnsJustify

Q. ____include the selected text in the index of the document.

(a) Mark entry
(b) Indent
(c) Table
(d) Caption

Ans. A Mark entry

Q. Communication using a modulated carrier to apply a data signal to a transmission medium in analog form is

(a) Broad band networking
(b) Base band networking
(c) Local area network
(d) Modem

Ans. A Broad band networking

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