Computer Fundamentals MCQ | Computer Basic Quiz 2022

Top 10 Computer Fundamentals MCQ | Computer Basic Quiz 2022

A computer is a device that accepts, saves data, and processes it to information that a user can understand. In this world, where everything is computerized, one needs to know all the computer fundamentals. Do you need a test to see just how much you understand? Take this Fundamentals Of Computer Quiz and see if you may need a refresher.

Take Computer Fundamentals MCQ Test & Online Quiz To test your knowledge

We have listed below the best Computer Fundamentals MCQ Questions, that check your basic knowledge of Computer Fundamentals. This Computer Fundamentals MCQ Test contains 30 Best Multiple Choice Questions, which are very important & useful for the preparation of the Computer Fundamentals Exam or Interview

Q. What does a system bus do?

(a) allows the user to communicate with the computer
(b) carries out instructions
(c) connects various components within the computer
(d) stores data and instruction

Ans. connects various components within the computer

Q. Which company is not a PC manufacturer?

(a) Intel
(b) Gateway
(c) Dell
(d) Compaq

Ans. Intel

Q. LAN stands for?

(a) Affordable Network
(b) Leased Area Network
(c) Latency Around Netwok
(d) Local Area Network

Ans. Local Area Network

Q. What language does a browser typically interpret to display information from the World Wide Web

(a) Machine Code
(b) Assembly Language
(c) HTML
(d) C++


Q. A wireless technology built in electronic gadgets used for exchanging data over short distances is A___

(a) USB
(b) Bluetooth
(c) Modem
(d) Wifi

Ans. Bluetooth

Q. Buying and selling the products over electronic systems like internet is called___

(a) Online Shopping
(b) Net Banking
(c) E-Commerce
(d) Dgital Marketing

Ans. E-Commerce

Q. What are the two types of monitors?

(a) CRT and DVD
(b) CRT and LCD
(c) DVD and VCD
(d) LCD and DVD

Ans. CRT and LCD

Q. Basic Building Blocks for a Digital Circuit is ___

(a) CMOS
(b) Logic Gate
(c) BIOS

Ans. Logic Gate

Q. ______keys are present on the top row of the keyboard.

(a) Function
(b) Type writer
(c) Numeric
(d) Navigation

Ans. Function

Q. _____ Computer are used in Banking, Railways, and Airlines.

(a) Mini Computer
(b) Micro Computer
(c) Super Computer
(d) Mainframe Computer

Ans. Mainframe Computer

Q. The first Computer mouse was built by

Ans. Douglas Engelbart
(b) William English
(c) Oaniel Coogher
(d) Robert Zawacki

Ans. Douglas Engelbart

Top 10 Computer Fundamentals MCQ | Computer Basic Quiz 2022

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