Best Places To Visit in Montana

Must-see places in Montana

The list of popular places to visit in Montana is quite extensive. With cities, quaint towns to natural wonders, it covers everything that a tourist wants. Come and explore the breathtaking beauty and uniqueness of the state.

1. West Yellowstone: The iconic site in Montana

Street full of snow

West Yellowstone is the Western side entrance of Yellowstone National Park. This is a sprawling and verdant national park, known for spectacular topography, flora and fauna. Moreover, this place is also famous for adventure sports like cross country skiing, river rafting, fly fishing, trekking and mountain biking. If you are shortlisting the best places to visit in Montana, West Yellowstone should be one of the top-rated names.

2. Glacier National Park: Swear by its breath-taking scenery

Glacier National Park_ Swear by its breath-taking scenery

Bordering Alberta and British Columbia, Glacier National Park is another natural wonderland of Montana. One among the popular Montana attractions, Glacier National Park is a stunning destination, sprawling over 16,000 square miles. Aptly known as ‘Crown of Continent Ecosystem’ is the home to Canadian lynx, Grizzly bear, mountain goats and bighorn sheep. The national park has many popular hiking trails including Huckleberry Mountain Trail, which makes it one of the most frequented places to visit in Montana. One can enjoy trekking, biking, horse riding or boating in Waterton Lake and Mc Donald’s Lake.

3. Virginia City: Reliving the bygone era

vintage houses

A quaint historic town of Montana, Virginia City features vintage houses, cobble stone roads, narrow gauge railway and historic monuments. It was the commercial hub and largest town of the state till about 1875, famous for large scale gold mining. Now, a picture-perfect town, Virginia City attracts travellers, who wish to relish the flavour of medieval times and is considered as one of the best places to see in Montana.

4. Missoula: A buzzing hotspot

Missoula_ A buzzing hotspot

Missoula is best known for pre-historic and vintage railway stations. This is one of the best places in Montana to explore, chill-out and relax. Featuring buzzing pubs, souvenir shops, vintage theatre house, markets and Caras Park carasole; Missoula never gives a dull moment to anyone. If you love adventure, enjoy rafting in Clark Fork River or trekking in famous Kim Williams Trail.

5. Helena: The vibrant capital city

Helena_ The vibrant capital city

If you are selecting what to see in Montana, how can you forget the state capital; Helena. This is a pretty city, always buzzing with tourists. When you are in Helena, you can never miss the aura this city offers, through its historic yet modern monuments and buildings. One can indulge in guided city tours, trek at Mountain Gates of Mississippi River and relax at city parks.

6. Whitefish: A favourite for adventure lovers

Whitefish_ A favourite for adventure lovers

One among the Montana points of interest, Whitefish is a famous resort town and the doorway to Glacier National Park. Surrounded by many freshwater lakes and streams; Whitefish is a snow-covered area, popular for skiing and rafting. Considered as one of the best places to visit in Montana USA, Whitefish attracts adventure freaks, nature lovers and trekkers, round the year.

7. Flathead Lake: An emerald blue lake

Flathead Lake_ An emerald blue lake

Formed by glacier, Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater lake and one of the most beautiful places to visit in Montana USA. The sprawling lake, cherry plantations and surrounding mountains leave everyone is an awe. It is a perfect place to invigorate or enjoy thrilling activities like canoeing, sailing and swimming.

8. Bozeman: A cultural and leisure hub of Montana

Bozeman_ A cultural and leisure hub of Montana

If we are discussing about places to visit in Montana state, we might as well keep Bozeman in the list. Being the home to Montana State University, this town remains crowded throughout the year. Featuring theatres, opera house, cafes, breweries and art galleries; Bozeman is the famous cultural and recreational hub of Montana. Moreover, it is the doorway to Yellowstone National Park, hence counted as an integral part of Montana sightseeing.

9. Big Sky: A scenic ski destination

Big Sky_ A scenic ski destination

Travel about 45 miles from Bozeman to reach an immensely scenic destination called Big Sky. Surrounded by snow laden mountains, Spanish peaks and Gallatin National Forest, Big Sky is a picturesque resort town and one of the top places to visit in Montana. With 5800 acres of skiing track, Big Sky attracts ski enthusiasts, making it one of the favourite places to visit in Montana in winter. Other than skiing, one can also enjoy rafting, fishing and backcountry hikes during summer and spring.

10. Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park: A perfect display of karst landscape

Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park_ A perfect display of karst landscape

This is a significant part of Montana tourism and certainly one of its kind tourist sites. Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park is a sprawling cave park, featuring stunning limestone topography. Take guided walks through the caves and caverns and admire the spectacular stalactite, stalagmite and columns and pillars. Other than this, one can also enjoy picnic, canoeing and spotting wildlife here.

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